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ACI 117-10 Specification for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials (ACI 117-10) and Commentary
Author: ACI Committee 117 ACI 117-10
Year of Publication: 2010
Number of Pages: 76
ISBN: 9780870313790
Category: Tolerances
Formats: Hard Copy or Protected PDF

Abstract aci 117-10 pdf

Specification synopsis: This specification provides standard tolerances for concrete construction and materials. This document is intended to be used by specification writers and ACI committees writing standards as the reference document for establishing tolerances for concrete construction and materials.
Commentary synopsis: This report is a commentary on the “Specification for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials (ACI 117).” It is intended to be used with ACI 117 for clarity of interpretation and insight into the intent of the committee regarding the application of the tolerances set forth therein.
Keywords: architectural concrete; concrete; construction; drilled piers; formwork; foundation; mass concrete; pier; precast concrete; prestressed concrete;reinforced concrete; reinforcement; specification; splice; tilt-up concrete; tolerances.
Contents: CONTENTS

Introduction, p. 117-3
Section 1—General requirements, p. 117-5
1.4—Referenced standards
Section 2—Materials, p. 117-13
2.1—Reinforcing steel fabrication and assembly
2.2—Reinforcement location
2.3—Placement of embedded items, excluding dowels in slabs-on-ground
2.4—Concrete batching
2.5—Concrete properties
Section 3—Foundations, p. 117-25
3.1—Deviation from plumb
3.2—Deviation from location
3.3—Deviation from elevation
3.4—Deviation from plane
3.5—Deviation from cross-sectional dimensions of foundations
Section 4—Cast-in-place concrete for buildings, p. 117-31
4.1—Deviation from plumb
4.2—Deviation from location
4.3—Not used
4.4—Deviation from elevation
4.5—Deviation from cross-sectional dimensions
4.6—Deviation from formed opening width or height
4.7—Deviation from relative elevations or widths for stairs
4.8—Deviation from slope or plane
4.9—Sawcut depth in slab-on-ground
Section 5—Cast-in-place concrete at interface with precast concrete (except tilt-up concrete), p. 117-45
5.1—Deviation from elevation—cast-in-place concrete
5.2—Deviation from location—cast-in-place concrete
5.3—Deviation from dimension—cast-in-place concrete
5.4—Deviation from plane at bearing surface—cast-inplace concrete measured over length or width of bearing surface
Section 6—Masonry, p. 117-51
This section has been removed.
Section 7—Cast-in-place, vertically slipformed building elements, p. 117-53
7.1—Deviation from plumb for buildings and cores
7.2—Horizontal deviation
7.3—Cross-sectional dimensions
7.4—Openings through elements
7.5—Embedded plates
7.6—Deviation from plumb for slipformed and jumpformed silos
Section 8—Mass concrete, p.117-55
8.1—Deviation from plumb
8.2—Horizontal deviation
8.3—Vertical deviation
8.4—Cross-sectional dimension
8.5—Deviation from plane
Section 9—Canal lining, p. 117-57
9.1—Horizontal deviation
9.2—Vertical deviation
9.3—Cross-sectional dimensions
Section 10—Monolithic water-conveying tunnels, siphons, conduits, and spillways, p. 117-59
10.1—Horizontal deviation
10.2—Vertical deviation
10.3—Cross-sectional dimensions
10.4—Deviation from plane
Section 11—Cast-in-place bridges, p. 117-61
11.1—Deviation from plumb
11.2—Horizontal deviation
11.3—Vertical deviation
11.4—Length, width, or depth of specified elements
11.5—Deviation from plane
11.6—Deck reinforcement cover
11.7—Bearing pads
Section 12—Exterior pavements and sidewalks, p. 117-63
12.1—Horizontal deviation
12.2—Vertical deviation of surface
Section 13—Chimneys and cooling towers, p. 117-65
13.1—Deviation from plumb
13.2—Outside shell diameter
13.3—Wall thickness
Section 14—Cast-in-place nonreinforced pipe, p.117-67
14.1—Wall thickness
14.2—Pipe diameter
14.4—Surface indentations
14.5—Grade and alignment
14.6—Concrete slump
Section 15—Tilt-up concrete, p. 117-69
15.1—Panel forming
15.2—Deviation from plumb
15.3—Deviation from elevation
15.4—Deviation from location
15.5—Deviation from slope or plane
15.6—Deviation from relative widths
Notes to Specifier, p. 117-73
General notes
Foreword to checklists, p. 117-75
Mandatory Requirements Checklist, p. 117-75
Optional Requirements Checklist, p. 117-76

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