ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete

ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete

ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete

Copyright by ACI American Concrete Institute ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete

Table of Contents ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete:
Part 1— ACI 117-10 to ACI 224.3R-95(08)
Part 2— ACI 225R-99(09) to ACI 313R-97
Part 3— ACI 318-08 to ACI 349-06
Part 4— ACI 349.1R-07 to ACI 365.1R-00
Part 5— ACI 371R-08 to ACI 523.4R-09
Part 6— ACI 524R-08 to ACI ITG-7-09

The ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete contains all of the ACI documents you need to answer your questions about code requirements, specifications, tolerances, concrete proportions, construction methods, evaluations of test results, and many more topics.

In fact, the ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete includes 217 of the most used documents on concrete technology. It includes the 2008 version of ACI’s Building Code for Structural Concrete (318-08) and Commentary (318R-08).
– The largest, single source of concrete information
– More than 217 documents
– Six parts, plus a separate index
– Documents easier to locate because they’re arranged in numerical order

The Most Used Documents on Concrete Technology
An encyclopedia of concrete technology, the 2011 MCP has information needed by the engineer, architect, contractor, concrete/concrete product producer. . . Everyone involved in the design and use of concrete.

Topics ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete Include:
* Design of reinforced concrete and masonry structures
* Design and construction of floors on grade, pavements, and parking lots
* Specification writing
* Concrete mixture proportioning
* Concrete mixing, transporting, and placing
* Hot- and cold-weather concreting
* Formwork
* Inspection and testing
* Construction tolerances
* Repair, Renovation, and Rehabilitation
* Troubleshooting

ACI MCPCD11 Manual of Concrete
Year of Publication  :  2011
Code  :  MCPCD11
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