ACI SP-275 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

ACI SP-275 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

ACI SP-275 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

ACI SP-275 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures This ACI SP-275 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures contains 72 papers from the 10th International Symposium held in Tampa, FL.

The papers ACI SP-275 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures address internally reinforced members, strengthening of columns, material characterization, bond, emerging fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems, shear strengthening, fatigue and anchorage systems, masonry, extreme events, applications, durability, and strengthening.

The papers emphasize the experimental, analytical, and numerical validations of using FRP composites and are aimed at providing insights needed for improving existing guidelines. The increasing maturity and acceptance of FRP is reflected by several papers that provide background information on the recent design codes and guidelines relating to blast and seismic repair. New frontiers of FRP research are explored, addressing emergin materials, and systems and applications for extreme events, such as fires and earthquakes, which will further consolidate FRP’s preeminent position.

ACI SP-275 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

Chapter 1 – Internal FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures
SP-275-01: On the history and reliability of the flexural strength of FRP reinforced concrete members in ACI 440.1R
SP-275-02: Shear capacity of concrete beams with FRP reinforcement
SP-275-03: Designing FRP reinforced concrete for deflection control
SP-275-04: Flexural strength and deflection characteristics of high-strength concrete beams with hybrid FRP and steel bar reinforcement
SP-275-05: Static testing of full-scale concrete bridge barriers reinforced with GFRP bars
SP-275-06: Development length of carbon fiber reinforced polymer bars in concrete

Chapter 2 – Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Columns
SP-275-07: Investigation of bar buckling in columns confined with composite material jackets
SP-275-08: Confinement model for capsule-shaped concrete columns
SP-275-09: Strain development and hoop strain efficiency in FRP confined square columns
SP-275-10: Volumetric response of FRP-confined full-scale RC columns
SP-275-11: Behavior of concrete piles confined with CFRP grid
SP-275-12: An ultimate drift based design method for FRP retrofitted RC columns

Chapter 3 – Characterization of FRP Materials and Systems
SP-275-13: Experimental investigation of HFRP composite beams
SP-275-14: Non-contact measuring techniques to characterize deformation on FRP U-wrap anchors
SP-275-15: Preliminary evaluation of slurry waterproofing materials on FRP durability
SP-275-16: Discrete fiber reinforced polymer systems for repair of concrete structures: polyurea-fiber characterization results
SP-275-17: Grancrete for flexural strengthening of concrete structures
SP-275-18: Characterization of FRP as an oxygen barrier

Chapter 4 – Bond of FRP-to-Concrete Systems
SP-275-19: Modeling of CFRP-concrete interface subjected to coupled pull-out and push-off actions
SP-275-20: Differences between FRP bond behavior in cracked and uncracked regions
SP-275-21: A solution for intermediate crack-induced debonding in plated beams
SP-275-22: Influence of the curvature on the bond force transfer of EBR
SP-275-23: Bond-slip relationship for externally-bonded FRP with limited bond length
SP-275-24: Bond tests on concrete elements strengthened with EBR and NSM FRP systems

Chapter 5 – Emerging FRP-Concrete Systems
SP-275-25: Innovative reinforcement for fabric formed concrete structures
SP-275-26: Safety-enhancement of RC bridge frame columns using bond-based damage-controllable steel basalt-fiber composite bars
SP-275-27: Design by testing of debonding load in RC elements strengthened with EBR FRP materials
SP-275-28: Load-bearing behavior of pedestrian bridge made of textile reinforced concrete
SP-275-29: Lightweight concrete bridge deck precast panels reinforced with GFRP bars
SP-275-30: Advances in corrosion repair of piles using FRP

Chapter 6 – FRP Shear Strengthening of RC Beams
SP-275-31: Analysis of CFRP strap-strengthened reinforced concrete beams using the Modified Compression Field Theory (MCFT)
SP-275-32: Shear strengthening of RC beams with EB FRP: evolutive model versus code
SP-275-33: Shear strength of lightweight reinforced concrete beams strengthened with CFRP strips
SP-275-34: Parametric studies of the NSM FRP strips shear strength contribution to a RC beams
SP-275-35: Parametric study of web bonded CFRP shear reinforcement effects on internal steel stresses
SP-275-36: Shear strengthening RC T-beams using CFRP laminates and anchors

Chapter 7 – Fatigue Performance and Anchorage of FRP Systems
SP-275-37: Evaluation of empirical fatigue prediction models for FRP-strengthened RC beams
SP-275-38: Fatigue strength prediction of RC beams strengthened in flexure using prestressed NSM CFRP strips
SP-275-39: Creep behavior and tensile properties of GFRP bars under sustained service loads
SP-275-40: Quality control test for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) anchors for rehabilitation
SP-275-41: An experimental study on improving anchor performance for CFRP tendons
SP-275-42: Investigation of efficient anchorage systems for shear and torsion retrofitting of box girder bridges

Chapter 8 – FRP Strengthening of Masonry Structures
SP-275-43: Behavior of FRP strengthened large-scale masonry walls
SP-275-44: Masonry walls strengthened with innovative composites
SP-275-45: Design guidance for blast resistant reinforced concrete and masonry components retrofitted with FRP
SP-275-46: ACI design guide for flexural and shear strengthening of URM walls with FRP systems
SP-275-47: Recent revisions to acceptance criteria for concrete and masonry strengthening using externally bonded FRP systems (AC125)
SP-275-48: Experimental studies of mechanically-fastened FRP systems: state-of-the-art

Chapter 9 – Performance of FRP Systems Subject to Extreme Events
SP-275-49: FRP versus fiber reinforced cementitious mortar systems at elevated temperature
SP-275-50: Tests at high temperatures on concrete slabs reinforced with bent FRP bars
SP-275-51: Fire testing of RC beams strengthened with NSM reinforcement
SP-275-52: Influence of high temperature on bond between NSM FRP bars/strips and concrete
SP-275-53: Seismic retrofitting of RC shear wall with external bonded CFRP
SP-275-54: The effect of previous damage on the effectiveness of FRP-jacketing for seismic repairs of RC structural members

Chapter 10 – Applications of FRP Systems in Reinforced Concrete
SP-275-55: Permanent participating FRP formwork for concrete floor slabs
SP-275-56: Influence of connection detailing on the strength of concrete-filled FRP tubes under bending and shear
SP-275-57: Parametric analysis and experimental study on concrete columns reinforced by steel-BFRP composite bar
SP-275-58: Axial behavior of slender-concrete-filled FRP-tube columns reinforced with steel and carbon FRP bars
SP-275-59: Flexural behavior of GFRP-RC slabs post-tensioned with CFRP tendons
SP-275-60: Prestressed concrete girder repair with CFRP post-tensioned rods

Chapter 11 – Durability of FRP Systems
SP-275-61: Durability study of GFRPP rebar in alkali, acid and salt solution
SP-275-62: Effect of severe environmental and loading conditions on GFRP-RC bridge deck slabs
SP-275-63: Effects of freeze-thaw cycling and sustained load on FRP-concrete interface
SP-275-64: Durability design approach for GFRP bar Reinforced Concrete (RC) members
SP-275-65: Evaluation of time and temperature dependent deformation of FRP bonded to concrete
SP-275-66: Testing protocol for bonded CFRP durability

Chapter 12 – FRP Strengthening of Concrete Structures
SP-275-67: Flexural behavior of mechanically-fastened FRP-strengthened concrete members
SP-275-68: Strength and deflection enhancement of RC slabs with anchored FRP strengthening
SP-275-69: Tension and compression strengthening of RC members by CFRP composite fabrics
SP-275-70: Experimental and numerical analysis of RC two-span slabs strengthened with NSM CFRP laminates
SP-275-71: NSM FRP strips shear strength contribution to a RC beam: a design procedure
SP-275-72: The west gate bridge: strengthening of a 20th century bridge for 21st century loading

ACI SP-275 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

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