IB Economics Course Book Jocelyn Blink Ian Dorton

IB Economics Course Book pdf

IB Economics Course Book pdf

IB Economics Course Book 2nd edition: Oxford IB Diploma Programme Jocelyn Blink Ian Dorton
Thoroughly updated for the 2011 syllabus, including a brand new student CD, this core resource is now even more accessible and engaging. Suitable for HL and SL, it thoroughly covers the quantitative component of the new syllabus, and contains up-to-date and global case studies which link theory to worldwide issues that will resonate with students.

Reviews IB Economics Course Book
The more difficult conceptual material is explained in a way that is easy for students to understand. Jocelyn Blink and Ian Dorton, both Senior IB examiners for Economics, have produced, in our opinion, the best foundation text for IB Economics currently on the market. – Dan Glover, Head of Business and Economics, Munich International School
Excellent textbook in every aspect. Topics are well and logically organized. High Level topic coverage, in particular, is very comprehensive. Graphs, diagrams, examples, practice problems and graphs are all very clear and instructive. – Cindy Mueller, IB Economics Teacher, Frankfurt International School
The Economics course book is thorough and accurately covers the course syllabus. The connection with Theory of Knowledge is outstanding. – Economics Workshop Leader, Australia
The Economics Course Book is, to me, is a good book – full of knowledge and illustrations so it will not be boring for the students to read. I recommend purchasing this one. – Dr Teddy Gomes, Deputy Head Teacher, Singapore School Kelapa Gading, Indonesia
The Oxford course books are the best ever resource for both teachers and students. They are practical, insightful and fully in line with the IB Course outcomes. – Pat Hanson, IB Coordinator, Academy of the Holy Cross, USA
All of the Oxford IB course books are terrific. – Carolyn Hawkins, IB Coordinator, Cookeville High School, USA
We have adopted most of the Oxford IB course books for our school. We find them well written, well linked to TOK issues and age appropriate. – Sheta Saha, IB Coordinator, Chatsworth International School, Singapore

Table of Contents IB Economics Course Book

1: The Foundations of economics
2: Demand and supply
3: Market equilibrium, the price mechanism, and market efficiency
4: Elasticities
5: Indirect taxes, subsidies and price controls
6: Costs, revenues and profits
7: Perfect competition
8: Monopoly
9: Monopolistic competition
10: Oligopoly
11: Price discrimination
12: Market failure

13: The level of overall economic activity
14: Aggregate demand
15: Aggregate supply
16: Macroeconomic equilibrium
17: Low unemployment
18: A low and stable rate of inflation
19: Economic growth
20: Equity in the distribution of income

International Economics
21: Why do countries trade?
22: Free trade and protectionism
23: Exchange rates
24: Balance of payments
25: Economic integration
26: Terms of trade

Development Economics
27: Economic development
28: Measuring development
29: Domestic factors and economic development
30: International trade and economic development
31: Foreign direct investment and economic development
32: Aid, debt and economic development
33: The balance between markets and intervention
34: Assessment advice

IB Economics Course Book Jocelyn Blink Ian Dorton

The only DP resources developed with the IB
Jocelyn Blink and Ian Dorton
Suitable for: IB Diploma Economics students – SL and HL
ISBN: 978-0-19-839000-8
Publication date: 06/09/2012
Paperback: 432 pages
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IB Economics Course Book Jocelyn Blink Ian Dorton Pdf :

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