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Department of the army letterhead

Mos: 56m. f. nature of requested accommodation: dietary practice, request to mess separately and receive separate rations. g. religious basis for the request: i’ve recently converted to islam. the holy qur’an surah 5:3 imparts certain dietary restrictions. our local dfac is unable to provided halal meals.
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The illuminator - qsl.net

The monthly newsletter of the carbon amateur radio club. july 2003 july meeting. the next regular meeting of the carbon amateur radio club will be held on thursday, july 17, at 7:30 p.m. at the eoc in nesquehoning.
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(1) applicants must be 56m qualified or eligible to become 56m qualified. (2) a physical demands rating of moderately heavy and a (pulhes) of 222221 (3) normal color vision not required (4) in order to attend a 56m mos producing school, applicants must meet the minimum asvab scores.
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Guide specification - henry

2. self-adhering crack treatment membrane shall be modifiedplus(g100 tack sheet manufactured by henry, an sbs modified bitumen membrane having a minimum thickness of 80 mils and a fibre glass reinforcement of 100 g/m2 meeting cgsb-37-gp-56m type 2 class c grade 1.
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If a car travels 400m in 20 seconds how fast is it going? if you move 50 meters in 10 seconds, what is your speed? s = d/t s =50m/10s = 5m/s. you arrive in my class 45 seconds after leaving math which is 90 meters away. how fast did you travel? t = d/st = 138.56m/13.0m/s = 10.66s. 19. a swimmer swam the entire length of a 50 meter pool
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Summary of the apparent motion of the stars. the rules. the altitude of polaris (ncp really) equals the observer’s latitude. stars appear to revolve counter clockwise around polaris (ncp, really) once every sidereal day (23h 56m 4.0s).
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Astronomy assignment #1 - onondaga community college

Astronomy assignment #1: the celestial sphere and the apparent motion of the stars and sun. the rotation of the earth on its axis, once every 23h 56m 4.09s, creates the apparent diurnal motion of the stars, sun, moon and planets. on a longer time scale, the apparent motion of the stars, sun, moon and planets is caused by the combined
PDF File Name: Astronomy assignment #1 - onondaga community college

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